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Job 6 – Patek Philippe Ladies’ Watch

Watch Model: Patek Philippe

Year Made: ~1932

Movement Model: Patek Philippe #949478, 7-70

Case Number: Ref. 3006, #697379

Mass, case+movement: 9.7g

Mass, movement alone: __g

Dimensions, case: 18.46mm diameter x 7.10mm thick

Crystal diameter:

Dimensions, movement: 11.9mm wide x ~16mm high x __mm thick

Case Number

Movement Number



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Job 5 – Traffic Engineering Stopwatch #4 – Attempted

Watch Model: Jules Racine & Co. 1018672

Movement Model: Excelsior Park No 3364R

Year Made: ____

Mass: 79.96g (without string attached)

Outer diameter: 50.3mm

Crystal diameter: 42.75mm, 0.89mm thick


Disassembly Photos, Pre-Cleaning

Problems List

  • Shattered crystal.
  • Mainspring.
  • Fourth gear broken shaft.

Repair Summary

Not worth repair.

At full-throw of the pallet fork, the pallet stone does not clear the ratchet wheel tooth:

After mainspring replacement, the watch ticked through two or three teeth of the ratchet wheel, then get stuck. Normally, I would look into adjusting the ratchet wheel or pallet fork, but since the case was bent and the crystal shattered, I believe the entire movement was slightly warped throughout. When resassembling, the bridge holes didn’t quite line up, further indicating the whole movement is bent.