Mail-In Watch Service

The video explains the “full-service “send me an empty box” mail-in shipping option. It is the most convenient watch service on the market.

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The biggest challenge of getting your watch serviced remotely is packaging and sending the watch in the mail. The Send a Homing Pigeon Box service makes it simple. All you need is a knife (or scissors) and packaging tape.

  1. You receive an empty box in the mail that is ready to put your watch (or watches) in. The box includes the postage label to return the box to the Time v3 Technology shop for services.
  2. Drop the box at any post offce, which means regular mail / post office (not UPS or FedEx).
  3. After service at the Time v3 Technology shop, the watch(es) are returned to you, which is also included in the price. Each shipment is tracked with a USPS tracking number.

To mail, you can put the box anywhere in the US postal system, including in your mailbox for your mailman to take or in a blue mailbox, but if you drop the box at a post office, it’s a little more secure because the box gets scanned for tracking right away and goes from post office building to post office building (destination Time v3 Technology PO Box in the Delaware, OH post office building) and never goes “out for delivery.”

You do not need to wait in line at the post office. You can drop in the post office drop box if they have one. The postage label is good up to 2 lbs, which is enough postage for the box plus 3-4 of the heaviest watches I have ever seen or 5-6 “normal” watches.

Do not drop at UPS or FedEx, the postage is USPS postage for a US Post Office or your regular US mail carrier.