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Job 43 – Four Watch Batteries

Casio G-Shock

Mass, movement + case + band: 68.5g

Dimensions, case: 50.6mm diameter x 17.5mm thick


Mass, movement + case + band: 85.7g

Dimensions, case: 33.1mm diameter x 7.77mm thick

Band lug size: 5mm


Mass, movement + case + band: 30.6g

Dimensions, case: 38.7mm diameter x 9.3mm thick

Band lug size: 14mm


Mass, movement + case + band: 16.3g

Dimensions, case: 26.7mm diameter x 8mm thick

Band lug size: 8mm

Job 49 – 2 Watch Batteries

Timex Ladies’ Square

Mass, movement + case + band: 16g

Dimensions, case: 17.5mmW / 20mmH diameter x 6.9mm thick

Band lug size: 9mm

There should be a screw on the loose end of the metal battery bracket. The band has been repaired with a plastic cord. I could remove a link and it would a continuous band again.

Timex Pink Ladies’ Butterfly Second Hand

Mass, movement + case + band: 14.5mm

Band lug size: 16mm

Job 45 – 3 Watch Batteries


Mass, movement + case + band: 153.60g

Dimensions, case: 42.0mm diameter x 12.65mm thick

Band lug size: 22mm


Mass, movement + case + band: 111.62g

Dimensions, case: ~39.2mm diameter x 9.42mm thick

Band lug size: 10mm


Mass, movement + case + band: 122.95g

Dimensions, case: 36.75mm diameter x 9.02mm thick

Band lug size: NA

Job 44 – 3 Watch Batteries

There was a variety of symptoms on this job. The Seiko had had some fogginess inside the case indicating possible water damage. The battery was indeed damaged and had leaked, but the watch worked with a new battery. The Timex was normal, not running, but had no battery in it at all. The Nautica’s second hand was keeping good time, but the second hand was jumping 2 seconds at a time instead of ticking normally one second at a time.

For all three, a new battery was all they needed.


Mass, movement + case + band: 59.84g

Dimensions, case: 42.33mm diameter x 8.40mm thick

Crystal diameter: ~36mm

Lug size: 20mm


Mass, movement + case: 41.31g

Dimensions, case: 38.85mm diameter x 9.08mm thick

Lug size: 20mm


Mass, movement + case + band: 65.00g

Dimensions, case: 38.85mm diameter x 12.77mm thick

Lug size: 20mm