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Used Stuff


Auction Ohio

Retail Surplus

Government Surplus – Ohio State sells their surplus here.

Watch Parts and Tools – has lots of tools. – good for batteries and miscellaneous watch parts, must be a verified business to order – see the JBC watch parts database

Cas-Ker Watchmaker and Jeweler Supplies

– based in Cincinnati, tools and parts.

Otto Frei Jewelry Supply and Watch Parts – large selection of watch crystals

Pocket Watch Database – for old Swiss caliber number look-up. – for database of trademarks and trade names

CBS Watch Material – advertised in AWCI email. Advertises Rolex parts. – looks like a well-organized site.



Piano Tools

Science Experiment Supply

Mobilinkd, Terminal Node Controllers for Amateur Radio

Henning Custom Watch Parts

Hub City Time

McCaw Watch Parts

Crown and Caliber

Lucius Atelier

Cousins UK

Watch Parts References

Illuatrated Manual of American Watch Movements available from Cas-Ker

BestFit Catalog, part of AWCI’s database, or print available from McCaw

Esslinger Blog Illustrated Watch Parts