Watch Batteries by Movement

This will never be a complete list, but there does not seem to be a good list of watch battery type by model online to even get an idea. Have to start somewhere! Owner’s manuals are not always available so usually you have to open the watch and take out the old battery.

  • Bulova Accutron N7, uses 344 battery.
  • ESQ, Swiss
    • E5402: 364
  • MVMT, from their customer support:
    • The batteries for our Classic, Chronos, Voyagers, Modern Sports, Rise, Signature, Gala, MOD, Field, Element, and Dot watches are SONY SR626SW. The 40 series, Revolver, Odyssey, Boulevard, Avenue, Nova, Bloom, Signature II, Signature Square, Coronada watch batteries are SONY SR621SW. Our Blacktop watches use SONY SR927W batteries. Our Element Chrono watches use SONY SR920SW.
  • Nixon
    • Bring It, The Porter 17F: 364
  • Wenger
    • Victorinox Swiss Army 24908: 377
    • S.A.K. Design: 362

Watch Batteries in a Flash has this good cross reference once you know one of the battery identifiers.

Also, from Watch Batteries in a Flash, PRO TIP: If you are having a hard time determining your battery, measure the width of the battery and then the height. Use the dimensions against the Dimensions column to find the battery that you need. You can also use a micrometer to measure the inside of a battery cavity to find out which battery you need.